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Protektive Pak Tek Search – Finding the Best In-Plant Handler for your Circuit Board

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How to Measure a Circuit Board

Drawings show how a circuit board fits into an In-Plant Handler. Measurements should be given by LENGTH first, then WIDTH, and last THICKNESS.

LENGTH: is the dimension of the circuit board as it fits top to bottom in the box.
WIDTH: is the dimension of the circuit board as it fits left to right in the box.
THICKNESS: is the dimension of the circuit board as it fits between the dividing cells in the box.

Your Circuit Board is:
Length_______” x Width_______” x Thickness_______”

How to measure a circuit board

A Circuit Board with
a measurement of:
4-1/2″L x 7″W x 1/2″T
would measure like this:
NOTE: The length of the circuit board fits into
the depth of the box.

How to measure a circuit board in an In-Plant Handler

In measuring a circuit board, you must be aware of any components or leads that extend past the board. These extended parts could be damaged if loaded into the cell and placed at the bottom of the In-Plant Handler. Therefore, make sure that the width dimension has no protrusions. If your board has protrusions, then reverse the length and width dimensions to make sure your board fits properly in the In-Plant Handler. When in doubt, send us a sample of your circuit board.

How You Measure a CIRCUIT BOARD is DIFFERENT than How You Measure a BOX.
Please remember . . . HOW you measure makes a difference!

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